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A Short Autobiography

I was introduced to the Native American Flute when I attended a Native American sweat in San Diego County years ago. One of the women was playing a beautiful song on this wood flute and I asked her what it was. She said it was a Native American Flute and I was simply enchanted by its beautiful melodic voice. She told me she bought it from Michael Graham Allen. The next week, I called Michael and bought a Gm4 flute from him. I was working as a Massage Therapist at the time and a co-worker gave me a CD of William Gutierrez playing his Native American Flutes. I was moved to obtain some flutes from William, so I called William and bought a couple of flutes from him[I could not find William’s site].
I soon retired from public school teaching and accepted a position at Bryman College teaching Massage Therapy. I must have played some Native American Music or spoke to another teacher about my love of the Native American Flute because I was introduced to Jonette Yazzie whom I was told actually made these instruments. Another synchronous event that led me to meeting both Marvin and Jonette of As my obsession blossomed, I purchased a couple more flutes from them.
The Yazzies invited me to a flute building class held on the Morogno Reservation near Palm Springs California. I learned how to make a Yazzie flute that weekend and that was the beginning of my flute making journey. Marvin and Jonette helped me on my way by sharing many of their techniques of flute making and over the days and months and now years they have become family to me. We have shared many hours in their flute making classes, playing at different venues and sharing time with them on trips and gatherings. They are simply wonderful Spirit filled people and make beautiful flutes.
I have had many flute making teachers buy observation and from an excellent book by Russel Wolf “Flute Shop: Crafting The Native American Style Flute,” as well as Lew Paxton Price who has a series of books on crafting the Native American Style Flute which delve into the physics of the flute and are a wonderful reference for making all sizes of Native American Flutes. Russel’s publication is out of print but can be found searching the net and Lew’s books can be found at his site